sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

Lord Lucas' Vacation

Untitled from Tatiana Nequete on Vimeo.

Synopsis: During a summer vacation, eight year old Lucas notices some weird changes on his older sister's behaviour. He starts to believe that she has become a vampire and blames Vitor her boyfriend for these. He then pursues a course of action intended to free his sister from this 'curse'.


Direction: Tatiana Nequete
Production: Jéssica Luz
Production Design: Carmela Rocha
Cinematographer: Bruno Polidoro
Sound Design: Tiago Bello
Screenplay: Tatiana Nequete e Luis Mário Fontoura
Edition and Post-Production: Fábio Canale
Original Soundtrack: Everton Rodrigues
Lord Lucas' Theme: The Lord Winchesters

Lurdes Eloy
Simone Buttelli
Alexandre Cardoso
Tuti Müller
Arthur Quadros
Celso Zanini
Amanda Ogando

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